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Your Pure Beauty Orchids enjoy low light, a warm climate and lots of humidity

Place them in a north or east-facing window or behind sheer curtains in a south or west-facing window. Be careful of direct sunlight as it may cause the leaves to burn. If you can’t provide natural sunlight, you can try a fluorescent plant light.

Just like in real estate, the location of your Pure Beauty Orchid is important. Do not place your orchid in front of a window or vent, but be sure to open a window in the summertime and allow warm, fresh air into the room. During the winter months, place a small fan in the room to move the air around.

Temperature changes help the plants bloom. Daytime temperatures should range between 65 and 80 degrees, while the nighttime temperature should be around 60 degrees.

Your Pure Beauty Orchids love moist air so try to keep the humidity level around 55-75%. While that may be pretty moist and difficult to sustain, proper watering will help the orchids adjust to lower levels of humidity.


It is important to not over water your Pure Beauty Orchid. Since Pure Beauty Orchids are grown in moss, the moss will hold moisture for a long period of time. You can also sign up for weekly watering alert reminders.Check your orchid every 7 days, (for arid climates, you may want to check more frequently).Check to see if the moss is damp. If the moss is dry, water and drain the excess from the container. You just want to make the moss damp and not have standing water in the container.

Smile. You’re done!

Trimming Orchid Stems

Once all of your flowers have faded, you can cut the stem, or spike, to encourage new growth. Be sure to heat sterilize your cutting tool before you start so that you do not infect your Pure Beauty Orchid.

Locate a node and cut the spike above any node located toward the bottom of the plant. The nodes are the triangular bumps along the spike that contain dormant buds. Be sure to cut just above the node – about ½”. Replant your cut spike in potting soil and if there is enough energy, a new Pure Beauty Orchid may grow.

Apply fungicide to seal the spike that you just cut and prevent bacterial infection. If you don’t have fungicide, you can apply cinnamon powder or melted candle wax to protect your orchid. Wait a few weeks for a new flower spike. If the stem dries up, simply cut it back to the base and a new spike should grow in a few months.

Note: If the spike is brown or yellow, new buds will not form. Simply remove the entire spike if it is discolored.

How To Get Re-bloom

Ideally, with proper rest, food, light and cooler nights your Pure Beauty orchid will produce flowers twice a year. After the last flower falls, use a sterilized tool to cut the spike halfway down the stem. Let your plant rest for several days before you trigger new growth.

After re-energizing, your orchid will need cooler nights in order to re-bloom. Because Pure Beauty orchids are temperature sensitive, they require at least one month’s worth of nighttime temperatures around 55-60° F.

You should also feed your orchid a balanced houseplant fertilizer mixed with room-temperature water at ½ the recommended strength every other week. Place the plant in the sink, ensure drainage holes are visible and thoroughly water using this weakened solution.

Lastly, provide a consistent light source. Mark the side of the pot facing the light and after watering, replace the pot exactly as it was before you moved it. This prevents the flowers from twisting as they bloom.

New growth will appear as mitten-like roots growing upward as opposed to sideways or downward. Once this occurs, return your Pure Beauty orchid to its normal environment. Loosely secure the new spike to a stake being careful not to damage the roots or the new growth.

Note – If the stem turns yellow after the last flower has bloomed, there is no chance of re-blooming that spike. Simply cut it back as close to the bottom of the plant as possible and let your Pure Beauty orchid rest. Also, do not to feed your orchid while in full bloom.



  1. What kind of fertilizer mixed and where do I GET IT.

    • There are specially made fertilizers for orchids that you can use. There is not one specific type that we recommend. Fertilizer can be purchased at your local greenhouse, Lowe’s, Home Depot or a place like Target or Walmart.

      • This would so be to me from Candy Clause. No way such prettiness would be given elsehwere.I love: Moonlit Moth, Black Orchid, and Ocean surf, but I’d love a dark purpley black base (black with a blue/purple shimmer, instead of the brown/red a lot of blacks seem to have as their undertone) with jewel tone blues and greens. Rich rich rich colors. Insanely specific, who, me? Of the available colors, I think black orchid probably wins by a margin over the others mentioned.

  2. Jennifer Williams says:

    I love my plant it is so beautiful

  3. Hi there. I purchased two Orchids small pots. The one has the moss discolored a yellowish tone, is that normal if not what should I do. (this one is on my desk at work), the second I noticed has white fuzzy mold in the pot around the roots and on moss. This one is kept in my bedroom. Is there anything I should do to care of these two issues?

    Thank you, Danielle

    • Danielle, natural moss sometimes turn a yellow-ish color. No need to be concerned. The fuzzy mold is possibly from the orchid being over-watered. Is your orchid sitting in water in the pot? If so, you should drain the water out of the pot. Orchids don’t really like sitting in wet clothes. Let the orchid dry up a little and the fuzzy moss should go away!

  4. I received a orchid and placed on a table facing a southeast window all the blooms have shriveled and died. The orchid came in a plastic sleeve and placed in a white ceramic pot. I removed it from the pot thinking it wasn’t getting enough light. I hardly water it but it always seem moist. Is the plastic sleeve supposed to be removed? Our house remains around 73 degrees which may not be cool enough and maybe not enough humidity although this it is in the kitchen. I’m thinking of moving it to the cellar but won’t be able to enjoy as well. This plant was received in May in bloom. Will it not bloom again for six months?

  5. I have not received an answer to above question do you reply to inquiries? lpdancin2@yahoo.com

    • above comment of July31,2014

    • Linda, Thanks for your inquiry! We’ll be happy to try and help with your question! Did the orchid appear to all of a sudden drop it blooms and die? The plastic sleeve, was it covering the roots and the moss of the plant? Typically we place the orchids in a plastic container and then into something more decorative. The pot helps prevent the orchid from sitting in water. One way to tell if the orchid is still viable, are the leaves. Are they still green and perky? With dropping the blooms the orchid is going into its dormant stage. There are many reason the orchid could have dropped its blooms. Getting a draft, too much water, not really seeing the orchid is difficult too tell. Even though they are easy to care for, they get finnicky. Placing in your basement is a good idea if it gets some light. Our recommendation is to just leave the orchid where you had it in the southeast window. You were able to enjoy it for a few months. The orchid may re-bloom sooner with the same care you were giving it. Again, as long as the leaves are green. Cut the dried stem off and in a few months, you should see a re-growth! The re-growth is not a quick process with the orchids. You can also try and fertilize it. That can be found at your local greenhouse! Good luck! Any more questions and we’ll try and get a quicker response to you!

  6. After the blooms drop, how low do you cut the stem?

    • Firstly, locate the last node on the orchid stem. Right above that node, clip the stem. Nature will take its course and dry up that stem. Maintain care for the orchid as you would if it had blooms and in a few months you should see some re-growth!

  7. Hello!

    I just received my beautiful orchid in the mail from my boyfriend who is deployed! They are my favorite flowers and this is by far the prettiest orchid I have ever seen and I want to keep it that way!

    It is encased in a plastic sleeve and then placed into a ceramic pot. Am I supposed to remove the plastic sleeve and place it back in the ceramic pot?


    • Hi Chelsi! Glad you are enjoying your Pure Beauty Orchid! If the plastic sleeve is encompassing the whole plant, then yes remove it. It you are speaking of the plastic pot that the base of the plant, moss, roots are in, then keep it on. The orchids do well in the plastic with drainage and holding moisture. To keep your orchid beautiful longer, do not over water it! Our orchids are potted in moss and retain water longer. You can remove the plastic pot from the ceramic and run it under water to get a good soaking and drain the excess. Depending on the conditions on where you live, you may not have to water the orchid for 15 days or longer! Good luck and enjoy!!

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